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Educate.  Enlighten.  Epiphany.

Here at The Efficacious Company, it's our mission to add unparalleled value to you through education, enlightenment, and creating opportunities for epiphany. We achieve this through our online training programs, individual and team coaching, and both virtual and live speaking engagements.

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Hi, my name is Anthony and I created The Efficacious Company to maximize the outcomes of individuals like yourself and teams alike. I've been successfully leading teams in the restaurant, manufacturing, and software development industries as well as in the military (including two deployments to Iraq) over the last 18 years. I have found those leadership competencies that lead to consistent improvement in team performance and above all else, morale and engagement. Over the years I've found that focusing too much on the bottom line or how we're doing this quarter almost always leads to failure. I focus on you and your people first because when y'all are firing on all cylinders, your entire organization (bottom line included) functions at the highest level. Wishing you and your loved ones safety and success!



Blending Psychology, Lean Six Sigma, and the Best in Leadership

We've created an online training curriculum for you that sets you up to solve problems faster, connect with others easier, and to do it with confidence. Confidence that you're moving forward with the best practices, the most recent research, and in the most efficacious way. 

The online training that's been prepared for you has a foundation in psychology, with emphasis in understanding what drives the decision making process. Lean Six Sigma, the process improvement methodology and mindset, is interwoven to help you get a different perspective on opportunities that are present in every process you operate in. And Leadership laces every course in how to best lead yourself and your team through change.

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We are an entity with a big mission and need your unique set of skills and abilities to help us achieve it. We do not guarantee your success or even ours. Rather, we only guarantee two things: the opportunity to be a part of something amazing, and that you'll have a chance to impact generations to come. Only the bravest, most courageous need apply.


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